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My Clients: Who I Coach

I work with leaders at a level in their organizations to affect culture change. These may be small business owners, C-Suite level leaders, or executives who oversee a division within a major corporation. I also coach a myriad of other types of leaders who find their way to me.


I am privileged to be able to serve, pro-bono, the spouse of an active senior military leader who works deep down in the Pentagon through a fantastic charity called American Corporate Partners (ACP).


If you are interested in working with me, you will want to enter into a dynamic process of change and growth. You will be ready to make intentional choices towards a more productive and fulfilling life professionally and personally. As a leader, you may fall into one of the following categories:


LEADER 1 ~ Spiraling to Burnout

  • When playing things forward, you can see that you are on a spiral down to burnout. It is just a matter of time. Things are not going well at work and not in sync at home either, with the negative aspects of both feeding the other. I can help you get off the downward burnout spiral and on the upward engagement escalator.

LEADER 2 ~ The Overachiever

  • You overwork and have a history of putting your work ahead of all other aspects of your life, pacifying these feelings and fighting lack of energy with unhelpful choices. I can help you be more intentional about how you schedule your time, ensuring you have sustainable rhythms and a healthy pace. I can also help you progress in areas of physical wellness that you have known need addressing, but not applied your energy to improve.


LEADER 3 ~ Needing More Self-Awareness

  • You feel constantly criticized or as though you cannot do anything right; Recent internal performance reviews have left you feeling flat and demoralized and it is affecting your confidence and drive. You woke up one day to the hard realization that you have been working in a toxic environment and have therefore created a toxic relationship with yourself. I can help you unpack the feedback you have received, correct your insecure self talk and get on a solid path. Self-kindness, self-compassion, and self-empowerment are critical for this type of leader.

LEADER 4 ~ Shock to the System

  • Life can be like a Monopoly game. You woke up one day to the hard realization that a circumstance in your life, professionally or personally, has you in a grid lock. It could be something earth shattering, or something low-grade but chronic and difficult to manage. I can work with you to navigate through this circumstance by crafting a game plan and ensuring your mindset is maximized for greatest resiliency. 

LEADER 5 ~ "I Just Love Coaching"

  • You have hired a coach in the past and you just know that having a coach in your corner helps you bring your "A game".  I could not agree more. I love working with my own coaches and hiring my first coach years ago proved to be a pivotal point in my career and life! 

If you identify with any of the above descriptions or categorizations, I would welcome the opportunity to collaborate with you. Click here to schedule a complimentary consult via zoom to find out.

Many of my clients are interested

in the topics listed below: 

  • Improving productivity

  • Managing stress and anxiety

  • Establishing sustainable rhythms

  • Mastering a more helpful mindset

  • Learning your VIA signature strengths

  • Checking and improving corporate culture

  • Initiating proactive self-care for busy leaders

  • Changing behaviors around procrastination and inaction

  • Helping visionaries actually reach their goals by supplying accountability

  • Implementing a plan to maximize your physical health more intentionally

  • Diagnosing the health of your business through The Prioritized Leader process

  • Increasing self-awareness and team synergy using the Enneagram and 16 Types (MBTI)

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