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My Mission Statement

My goal as an executive coach is to move you from where you currently are, to where you want to be through an exciting process of change and growth. You are the expert in your own journey. I am your sherpa helping you get there in the most efficient possible route.

My Vision Statement

My vision is to bring positive transformation to the personal and professional lives of the executives and teams that I coach. We will work together to create the abundant life you want to live!

My Training & Certifications
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I am certified as an executive coach through Five Capitals Coaching founded and lead by executive coach and author Brandon Schaefer.

In August of 2021 I completed my certification as a Functional Medicine Health Coach with FMCA. I will sit for my board exams to become board certified in May of 2022.

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I also have extensive training as a life coach through The Life Coach School's Self Coaching Scholars program created by master coach Brooke Castillo.

What Is A Coach?

The term "coach" comes from the original word "stagecoach", a mode of transportation that people used in the 1860's. A coach is not a counselor, therapist, trainer or consultant, although they may, at times, borrow from any or all of those disciplines. What is most distinctive about a coaching relationship is that the client, not the coach, is the expert, and they determine the focus of each session and the direction of the journey overall.




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Born in England, I was raised in South Carolina and hard-wired to be a high-challenge, make it happen leader. I attended Dartmouth College, graduating in three years with Honors in Social Psychology. Then I took on London in a corporate psychology consultancy organization where I developed my passion for personality profiling with such tools as the Myers Briggs Type Indicator.


Returning to the United States, I streamlined and improved delivery times in the logistics department of Coastal Wire Company. Not one to back away from a challenge, I then helped to create and launch a new retail jewelry store helping define the look, feel, and culture of the business, which continues to be highly successful. Leveraging my passion for learning and my fascination with tools such as the 16 Types (MBIT), Enneagram and Leading From Your Strengths (a DISC assessment), I found Five Capitals a natural fit and was one of the designers of The Prioritized Life and The Prioritized Leader assessments.


I am now serving as the Board Chair of my family's baling wire manufacturing business, Coastal Wire Company, where I get to sit on the other side of the proverbial table by being in senior leadership myself. I am also a part-time worship pastor, a creative and spiritual role that I greatly enjoy, providing me with both balance and contrast with my coaching and manufacturing work.

Along with my college-aged daughter, Bella, and my high school senior, Christopher, I have a sighthound dog, Toby, and a Ragamuffin cat, Cinnamon, and live in the beautiful, seaside “Arrogantly Shabby” town of Pawleys Island, South Carolina.

{For the longer version of my story click here.}

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