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My Story

We all have a story that informs everything we do. If you are considering working with me as a coach, you have the right to hear my story. This is the long version. Let's dive in.....

Entrepreneurship There is adventure and entrepreneurship in my story. My parents emigrated here in 1970 from England to pursue the American dream. I remember the family manifesting the stress of being isolated and away from our tribe of extended family as my father pursued the American dream. 

Education  There is learning in my story. My immigrant parents made it clear from early on that they had incredibly high expectations of us in school. In response to this, I went to boarding school where I invested heavily in both academics and music, gaining a place at the North Carolina Governor's School summer residential program for the Arts and eventually, acceptance to Dartmouth College.

Self-Awareness  Rather than graduating early, I spent almost a year in my homeland, London, England, working during college, eventually relocating there upon graduating. While working in public relations and corporate psychology I made a connection with the personality typing tool the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). What I love about this tool and the others that I would eventually learn, is how they give a neutral, non-judgmental language to differences in our own and other people's wiring. This greater sense of self and other-awareness resolves differences in behavior and motivation, dissolves tensions, and improves collaboration.

Survival   Life can be a Monopoly game, so there is survival in my story. Sometimes we draw a very challenging card and have to quickly learn to survive. 

Community   There is community in my story. Growing up isolated from family and navigating a foreign culture put me on a pilgrimage to find community by intentionally seeking out concentric circles of people with whom to share my life. Relationships take time to form and maintain, but are mission critical to abundant living. 

Bravery   There is bravery in my story. In 2020, it became clear that a change in senior leadership was necessary in our family business, and that the company culture was in need of an update. I stepped into leadership, first as part of the Board of Directors, and then as Board Chair. I am learning as I go, but I feel incredibly grateful to be able to share with the board and leadership team all that I have learned training and working as an executive coach.

Sharing   A proverbial saying from 1935 states: "A problem shared is a problem halved." It is from a place of sharing, support and service, that I do my coaching.

If you would like to have a complementary initial coaching consultation with me via Zoom click here.

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